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5 Ways to enhance Learning Opportunities in the Classroom

When it’s time to refresh the look of your classroom, you don’t have to get overwhelmed with all the possibilities. In fact, a few adjustments here and there are enough to change the entire look of the room.

It’s amazing how much you can make with just a little. You don’t have to break the bank or hire a style consultant to have a big impact in the classroom. Here are 5 small changes that Australian teachers are making in schools all across the nation!

1. Add Natural Light

Classrooms that are too dark might make students feel sad or sleepy. It is easier for them to focus when they can also appreciate the brightness of the day. Natural light adds energy to the brain and feels more inviting to students each morning. Make sure your classroom has some good window space!

2. Change the Direction Students are Facing

Most classrooms are set up the exact same way: with a group of chairs facing a whiteboard. Maybe it’s time to change this up. By rearranging the way the desks are laid out, you can actually increase your students’ focus and make learning more interactive for them.

3. Clean and Declutter

There is such a thing as too much furniture, and your classroom space might be too cramped for comfort. It might be time to look at what things can be removed. Are there pieces of furniture that are just in the way and don’t really help you out? A spare filing cabinet or some empty desks, perhaps? Your students will love all the extra space!

4. Add a Homely Feel

The most successful classrooms are those that students want to come back to. Instead of making the classroom a dreary space, you can add some elements to make it feel like home. For example, you can come up with a class mascot together or invest in a classroom pet. Little rituals and fun games can help bring students together and make the classroom a more cheerful place for them.

5. Give Students an Opportunity for Independence

You are the teacher, but you don’t have to be the only source for knowledge and learning in the classroom. Teach kids how to search for knowledge on their own. Establish clusters of desks with independent learning stations so kids can find answers to their own questions. This will foster good energy and provide a better learning environment. Make these small changes to your classroom and both you and your students will see immense results. Bring out the joy in your children and design a great learning space for success!

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